Effectiveness of Applied Professional Training of Water Rescuers of Russian Emergency Ministry



S.F. Eremin
Moscow State Regional University, Moscow

The purpose of the research was to develop and experimentally substantiate the content of applied professional physical training of water rescuers of the Russian Emergencies Ministry.
The factor structure of applied vocational training of divers of the Russian Emergencies Ministry serves as the basis for determining the model of water rescuer of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, which is confirmed by high loads on the variables such as fat and lean body mass, VC and FVC, SVMR and attention, 1,000 m run, 800 m finswimming and 400 m scuba diving and people rescue simulation control exercises.
The introduction into professional activity of water rescuers of the Moscow region of the applied professional physical training program can significantly improve the indices of physical development, functional state of the respiratory system and psycho-physiological abilities, which in turn ensures effective rescue operations in the water areas.

Keywords: applied professional physical training, model of water rescuer, rescue divers, factor structure, people rescue.


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