Correction of Personal Risks among Schoolchildren and Young People with Disabilities at Classes of Adaptive Physical Culture



E.M. Golikova 1, 3, P.P. Tissen1, 3, E.E. Lutovina2, 3
1 Associate professor, Ph.D.
2 Associate professor, Ph.D.
3 Orenburg State Pedagogical University, Orenburg

Changes in health status, pathological disorders among children and young people greatly influence the formation and development of personal risk factors, which serve as a defence mechanism, that is, perform the task of compensation of personal anomalies.
The purpose of the study was to analyze research projects related to adaptive physical culture in Orenburg State Pedagogical University.
The goals of the project were to form the personality of a pupil with disabilities, adequate mental reaction to a disease of a young disabled person, to focus on the use of natural resources, stimulating the speedy recovery of lost functions, to develop the skills to use means of adaptive motor recreation, techniques of health and fitness technologies etc.

Keywords: personal risks, adaptive physical culture, children and young people with medical issues.


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