Regulatory framework of All-Russian Physical Culture and Sports Complex as a Condition of Substantiation of Technology of Preparation and Organization of Testing Against GTO ("Ready for Labour and Defense" Standards)


V.K. Spirin1, 4, V.A. Bagina2, 4, A.A. Stepanov3, 4
1 Dr.Hab., Ph.D.
2 Associate professor, Ph.D.
3 Associate professor, Ph.D.
4 Velikie Luki State Academy of Physical Culture and Sport, Velikie Luki

The paper contains an analysis of the regulatory framework of the GTO complex from the perspective of the factors that motivate people and specialists in the field of physical culture and sport in accordance with the objectives of the All-Russian physical culture and sports complex to use a system of pedagogical (training) effects, based on the use of high technologies of stimulated development of human physical potential, to promote health.
Currently, based on the sports-centered approach to the organization of physical culture activity, developed by V.K. Balsevich and L.I. Lubysheva, a scale was offered for individualized assessment of physical fitness indicators in the performance of standards of the GTO complex, correlated with the implementation of the health forming approach to the organization of sports activity of the population to achieve the optimal level of athletic performance.

Keywords: GTO (Ready for Labour and Defense) complex, GTO regulatory framework, training technology, high technologies, physical fitness rating scale.


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