Sports and Culture Events as a Way of Training of Rising Generation Based on National Sports Games (the Case of International National Festival of Altargana)



S.B. Bymbygydenova, postgraduate
Buryat State University, Ulan-Ude

Key words: "Eryn gurban naadan", Surkharban", national wrestling, festival of Altargana, national sports of Buryat people, survey.

Nowadays, the role of national sports as an element of personality development and training of the younger generation is enhanced. The human development by means of national culture is a crucial aspect of personality formation, as the sense of belonging to own home country, own nation, the sense of community and pride for own culture makes a man feel a special touch of personality existence, hence forming the social development of the individual.
A sociological study was conducted among students of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Buryatia in order to identify the level of awareness of cultural and sports events and Buryat national games, as well as the study of the specific influence of national sports on young students.
Sport and cultural events, based on national games facilitate the formation of endurance and stamina of young people, cultivate humanism, morality, virtue, respect, patriotism, spirituality and enrich the knowledge about the traditions and customs of own nation. In particular, one of them - "Altargana" - acts as a phenomenon of human social and spiritual development.


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