Technology of Play Training of Formation of Motivation to Sports Classes in Preschool Children

Technology of Play Training of Formation of Motivation to Sports Classes in Preschool Children


V.M. Kravchenko, K.A. Minchenkov, L.A. Bartnovskaya, postgraduate students
V.V. Ponomarev, professor, Dr.Hab.
Siberian State Technological University, Krasnoyarsk.

Key words: educational technology, play training, motivation, preschoolers, sports classes.

One of the main tasks of the state is to ensure the comprehensive care of health, physical education and mass sports classes of preschool children. The activities on the improvement of physical education of preschool-aged children is not limited only by the scope of motor class in a kindergarten, it should be more intense due to the involvement of preschool children in active occupations of a variety of sports. In this regard, there arises an increasing objective necessity for educators and teachers to form the motivation to mass sports occupations among pre-school children, and to realize the individual motor potential via it.
The purpose of the present research was the theoretical substantiation and experimental verification of the effectiveness of the play training technology of formation of the motivation to sports occupations among preschool children.
The results of the educational experiment showed high efficiency of the technology of play training of formation of sports motivation in preschool children. This experimental play training technology can be recommended for use in primary schools.


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