Applied Health Improving Technology in Physical Education of University Students from Special Medical Group



L.A. Bartnovskaya, K.A. Minchenkov, V.M. Kravchenko, postgraduate students
V.V. Ponomarev, professor, Dr.Hab.
Siberian State Technological University, Krasnoyarsk
S.A. Doroshenko, associate professor, Ph.D.
Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk

Key words: physical education of students, special medical group, applied health improving technology, students' health.
Currently physical education of students attributed to a special medical group (SMG) for health reasons based on the design of the applied health improving technology becomes particularly important. This is due to the fact that the success of development of Russia depends not only on the competency and professionalism of future experts, but also their health. The country needs physically healthy graduates.
The purpose of the research was to develop and justify theoretically the structure and content of the applied health improving technology of physical education of students from SMG and check its effectiveness in an experimental work.
The findings revealed high efficiency of the applied health improving technology in physical education of students from SMG. This experimental technology can be recommended for inclusion in the process of physical education of university students.


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