Correction of Physical Condition of Male Students from Special Medical Group

Correction of Physical Condition of Male Students from Special Medical Group


D.A. Scherbak, postgraduate
J.B. Safonova, professor, Dr.Hab.
Omsk State Technical University, Omsk

Key words: male students, physical condition, football exercises, coordination, special medical group, correction.

According to the scientific literature and the authors' own research health, physical development and fitness, as well as psychological status of young people is poor, which is proved by the fact of the increasing number of students with disabilities (23 - 54%) attributed to special medical group for physical education classes.
The reasons for this situation are different and are not the subject of discussion in the paper. But it should be noted that sports medicine and pedagogics specialists include in the definition of health the concepts such as "physical health" and "physical condition". The analysis of scientific literature showed the presence of a variety of methods for using physical culture with the recreational and medical purposes for students with various health disabilities.
The purpose of the present study was to identify the effectiveness of the proposed technology for physical condition correction to promote health of male students from SMG using football exercises in the learning process of the discipline "Physical Education".
The systematic use of technical and tactical football exercises (modified in accordance with the functional and physical conditions of students) on physical education lessons facilitates the optimization of motor mode, raises the positive emotional background, improvement in health and mental performance. Physical education classes held in compliance with the given methodology have provoke the students' interest in the issue of correction of physical condition, increased motivation for organized and independent physical activity.


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