Methods of Wave Biomechanics to Increase Motor Activity of Preschool Children

Methods of Wave Biomechanics to Increase Motor Activity of Preschool Children


N.G. Mikhaylov, associate professor
Moscow State Pedagogical University, Moscow
A.I. Kavokin

Key words: motor activity, wave simulators, methods of stimulation of physical activity of preschool children.
Scientific and technological progress contributed to the enhancement of comfort of the human life cycle. Thanks to the current technology one can travel long distances using different means of transportation, sitting in an airplane or a car. Even the development of remote devices, such as TV remote, has led to a gradual reduction in the range of motions, and consequently motor activity as a whole. According to modern scholars, this can be supplemented by the decline of the interest of various population groups in physical culture and sports occupations.
The purpose of the present research was to provide the scientific substantiation for the methods of wave biomechanics to stimulate physical activity for preschool children.
As a result of the theoretical analysis, the possibility of increasing the volume of motor activity for preschool children with the use of wave simulators was proved. The technique of using wave simulators for children of the intermediate, senior and preparatory groups of preschool educational institutions has been developed. The possibilities of optimizing the parameters of physical activity by adjusting the characteristics of wave simulators were shown.


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