Teacher as a Key Factor of Effectiveness of Sports and Fitness Activity: Potential Risks and Solutions

Teacher as a Key Factor of Effectiveness of Sports and Fitness Activity: Potential Risks and Solutions


L.A. Akimova, associate professor, Ph.D.
E.E. Lutovina, associate professor, Ph.D.
Orenburg State Pedagogical University, Orenburg

Key words: education, physical culture, health improvement.

The present in Russia unfavourable situation in the area of health and safety of children is so serious that there is a question of preserving the health of the nation, protection and development of physical and spiritual potentials of the future of our country, that determined the amplification of the requirements for the organization of sports and fitness activities with the transition to new educational standards.
The purpose of the present research was to identify the readiness of students and teachers for health improving activity.
The system organization of sports and fitness activity acts as a priority in the Russian state educational policy, which has been recorded in the legal framework of the educational system. Teacher with his qualification, competency, motivation and guidelines is the main subject of the organization and implementation of the system of sports and fitness activity in an educational organization. Its educational outcome is ensuring health and safety of students, physical, spiritual and social improvement. The effectiveness of the organization of sports and fitness activity is subject to a risk of inter-system subjective and intra-system nature.
In order to minimize the risks it is necessary to analyze the health protecting educational environment, design a system of sports and fitness activities, to create the conditions necessary for its implementation, to monitor for the implementation of stimulating activities.


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