Formation of Motivation for Physical Education Classes among Senior Schoolchildren Based on Karate Tradition

Formation of Motivation for Physical Education Classes among Senior Schoolchildren Based on Karate Tradition


T.M. Kulikova
Municipal Lyceum at Ulyanovsk State Technical University, Ulyanovsk

Key words: motivation, pupils, physical culture, karate.

According to a large number of studies, senior schoolchildren are not interested in exercising at physical education lessons. The reason for this lack of interest is that children are not motivated. A negative or indifferent attitude to the values ​​of physical culture is being formed among senior schoolchildren.
According to some scholars, the current problem situation is a consequence of inadequate development of innovative technologies of teaching physical education in primary and secondary education. Traditional physical education lessons can not solve the problem of formation of a fully developed personality.
In view of the above it seems urgent to study the possibilities of effective implementation of the technology of teaching elements of karate at physical education lessons as one of the means of physical education.
The purpose of the present research was to develop and substantiate the experimental program on formation of motivation for physical training in senior schoolchildren based on the karate traditions.
According to the findings, physical education classes held in compliance with the experimental program on physical education based on karate traditions introduced in the experimental group were proved to have a significant positive influence on attendance, academic performance, physical fitness and functional state of the vital capacity of the body in senior schoolchildren compared with their peers from the control group at the end of the year-long experiment.


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