Effectivization of the Third Physical Education Lesson Based on the Introduction of Sports-Centered Modular Training Program


E.A. Cherepov, associate professor, Ph.D.
South Ural State University (NRU), Chelyabinsk

Key words: sports-centered physical education, schoolchildren, third lesson of physical education.

Healthy people and intellectually developed society have been and remain the basis of well-being of any state. But now, according to an analysis of official statistical reporting and research, there exists the tendency of increased morbidity, increased prevalence of chronic disease and reduced number of absolutely healthy people in all age groups.
The purpose of the present research was to develop and test in the physical education practice in a secondary school of the modular training program of the third sports lesson of physical education for 5-9th-formers.
The researchers have developed a modular program of the third lesson of physical education for 5-9th-formers of general education institutions. The specific feature of the program is in its focus on ensuring the transition from the simple relaying of knowledge and skills to the development of creative abilities of each student, to showing his capabilities, training for living in the modern conditions on the basis of system-activity (competency building) approach and making the educational process in the field of physical culture more educative in the broadest sense of the word.
The introduction of the developed modular program into the educational process of 5-9th-formers confirmed the effectiveness of the technology sports-centered education enables teachers to competently use the third lesson of physical education, forms the values of physical culture, which ultimately affects the indicators of physical fitness and health of schoolchildren.


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