Correction of Physical Health of Schoolchildren Based on Rapid Assessment within Implementation of Federal State Educational Standard



N.I. Sinyavsky, professor, Dr.Hab.
N.N. Beznosko, associate professor, Ph.D.
R.I. Sadykov, Ph.D.
Surgut State Pedagogical University, Surgut

Key words: rapid assessment, physical health, level of physical health, physical education class.

The purpose of the study was to introduce the technique of rapid assessment of physical health of schoolchildren for diagnosis and development based on it of the system of individualized health and fitness activities in educational institutions.
It was found that the rapid assessment of physical health of schoolchildren ensures objective, accessible and comprehensive determination of physical health of schoolchildren within the implementation of the federal state educational standards, making the school diagnostics more informative for monitoring of necessary correction of motor mode and dosage of exercises in a classroom on the basis of specific indicators such as: Quetelet, Robinson, Skibinski, Shapovalov Ruffier indices.
The method of quantitative rapid assessment of physical health of schoolchildren is recommended for use in the practice of educational institutions for the improvement of medical control of physical education of schoolchildren and the system of their distribution into medical groups for physical education classes.


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