Means of physical culture and sport in prevention of drug abuse of children and adolescents



M.V. Eremin1, 3, V.Yu. Karpov2, 3, A.S. Makhov 2, 3
1 Ph.D., associate professor
2 Dr.Hab., professor
3 Russian State Social University, Moscow

Social activity of the younger generation via physical culture can ensure their spiritual and moral basis. Adoption of this statement will enable us to treat in a different way the phenomenon of physical culture, which is able to develop in young people stable attitudes and value orientations, ​​that can prevent children and adolescents from taking up the drug habit and preserve their stable negative attitude towards bad habits. The purpose of the study was to develop the organizational and methodological foundations of anti-drug physical culture and preventive activities among children and adolescents.
The findings prove that it is advisable to carry out special prevention by stages for different categories of schoolchildren: primary psycho-pedagogical prevention should be conducted with all pupils; secondary preventive measures - with adolescents from the "risk group"; tertiary - with adolescents who experiment with psychoactive substances.

Keywords: health, healthy lifestyle, health creative actions, physical culture and sport, value orientations, personality socialization, motor activity, physical development, physical fitness, prevention, drug abuse, bad habits.


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