Features of practicing of various technical and tactical actions by ice hockey players aged 13-14 years



A.M. Ovechkin1, 3, D.R. Cherenkov 2, 3
1 Postgraduate
2 Ph.D.
3 Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sport, Youth and Tourism (GTsOLIFK), Moscow
The paper contains the results of the year-long educational experiment, in which specific features of technical and tactical training of junior hockey players aged 13-14 years were detected. The hypothesis of the experiment was the possibility of simultaneous teaching junior players the basics of Russian and North American hockey schools. The methodology of the experiment and its results are given in detail.
The positive effect on the competitive result of using the proposed methodology, in particular the technical and tactical training of hockey players aged 13-14 years, in the training process has been proved in the educational experiment. It was displayed in the ability of the experimental team players to efficiently use appropriate group actions in game situations.
In addition to Russian hockey school, athletes aged 13-14 years can also master the style of the game (tactical interaction) of the North American hockey school. Mastering of the proposed training methodology will enhance game performance of players in the future with the growth of their skill levels.
Players remember learnt styles of the game and the opportunities of applying them in matches in specific game situations. So they will have a wider choice of team game actions against teams with different styles of the game as their special physical and technical skills are being improved.
Keywords: ice hockey, technical and tactical interaction, training.
  1. Plotnikov, V.V. Metodika tekhniko-takticheskoy podgotovki khokkeistov na etape uglublennoy spetsializatsii: avtoref. dis. ... kand. ped. nauk (Methodology of technical and tactical training of hockey players at the stage of advanced specialization) / V.V. Plotnikov; Volga region academy of physical culture, sport i tourism. – Naberezhnye Chelny, 2013.