New approach to basic physical training of female gymnasts aged 7-8 years



N.O. Gaynatulina1, 3, E.A. Zemskov 2, 3
1 Postgraduate
2 Ph.D., professor
3 Moscow City Pedagogical University, Moscow

The paper contains an assessment of the impact of the level of development of the muscular system of the body parts on the quality of performance of exercises by young female gymnasts in gymnastic all-round. Coaches and teams of judges determined errors associated with faults in technical posture due to lack of muscle activity of parts of the body during training sessions, official competitions.
As seen from the findings, the quality of performance of competitive compositions in all types of all-round events is determined on the basis of the activity of muscle groups of three parts of the body. Female gymnasts in this subgroup made small errors associated with the implementation of push-offs with hands and feet with the coordinated and active work of the trunk muscles, while maintaining the dynamic and static posture during hang and support exercises, more stable landing after performing acrobatic exercises, dismounts.
Female gymnasts with active trunk and leg muscles often made errors during push-offs, when changing from hang to support; with trunk and arm muscles - when pushing off with one’s feet, maintaining stable stands, with arm and leg muscles - in technical violation of posture, displayed in excessive layback, head dorsiflection, time to strainghten the body in handstand, bends, etc.
Good performance in all-around competition and individual events are observed first of all in female gymnasts with trunk muscles being active along with with the activity of arm and leg muscles. In this case, the muscular system of the trunk is leading.
Obviously, in the process of physical training the priority should be given to the development of motor qualities of the trunk muscles and the muscular system of the legs and arms should be developed on this basis.

Keywords: basic physical training, female gymnasts aged 7-8 years, active muscle groups of body parts, mean values of competition results.


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