Fostering moral-volitional qualities in sports training of boxers

Fostering moral-volitional qualities in sports training of boxers


Ar. A. Jalilov2, Yu. M. Aleksandrov3, Al. A. Jalilov1, 4
1 Ph.D., Associate Professor
2 Children and Youth recreational and educational (profile) center "Venets" of the urban district of Togliatti
3 Complex specialized children and youth sports school of the Olympic reserve №11, Togliatti
4 Togliatti State University, Togliatti

As seen from literature analysis and sports practice, the targeted, systematic formation of moral-volitional qualities is an important part of sports training of boxers.
The purpose of the research was to foster the moral and volitional moral qualities during sports training of boxers using qualitative and quantitative methods of evaluation.
These personality traits were developed and improved using a technique designed by the authors, providing for the use of special quantitative and qualitative evaluation criteria, approved during the educational experiment.
The results of the educational experiment prove the great significance of purposeful development and improvement of leading moral-volitional and moral qualities, which if developed on the proper level contribute to the consolidation and variability of motor skills.

Key words: qualitative and quantitative evaluation criteria, moral and volitional qualities, self-control, perseverance, industriousness, discipline, determination and courage.


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