University sports in the context of sociocultural analysis



L.I. Lubysheva
Dr.Hab., Professor
Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sport, Youth and Tourism (GTsOLIFK), Moscow

The development of university sport in a specific institution largely depends on the interest and will of the head, in particular, of the head of the University Department of Physical Education. The area of development of the university is determined by the head of the university. The rector of the university is a leader in charge of all the areas of activity of the university, the quality, overall control and hence the level of development of student sport in the university. A case study was conducted to clarify the degree of satisfaction of students and coaches with the development of university sports in institutions of higher education, as well as the conditions created in the educational institutions, to improve the effectiveness of training and competitive process. As seen from the findings, most of respondents believe that for optimum development of university sport in our country it is necessary to establish a sports club in each university, which has independent funding; allocate rates for coaches in different sports; to significantly improve sports infrastructure of universities; improve and expand the calendar of student competitions, increase their status; increase funding for university sport in general.

Keywords: student sport, university sport, sociological analysis, motives, interests, students.


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