35th anniversary of Tchaikovsky state institute of physical culture


Rector, professor, Ph.D. F.Kh. Zekrin
Professor, President of the Institute, A.A. Danilov
Tchaikovsky State Institute of Physical Culture, Tchaikovsky

Keywords: ways of formation, development prospects, winter sports, physical culture and sport.

In 2015 the Tchaikovsky branch of Chelyabinsk State Institute of Physical Culture celebrates its 35th anniversary. In 1995 it has transformed into Tchaikovsky State Institute of Physical Culture.

The State Institute can be called a forge of professional staff for the Western Urals, and for the whole of Russia. The need for its creation was due to the need of training winter sports specialists: cross-country skiing and biathlon; ski jumping and Nordic combined; ski and luge.

The opening of the institute in 1980, marked the beginning of higher education in the southern part of the Perm region, it became one of the main educational, scientific, sports and cultural centers for the Western Urals. Over the years, the Institute has expanded, serving the basis for a large number of sports facilities built and put into operation, which involve students of the institute, the residents of the city and the region; which was a significant stimulus to the development of physical culture and sport in the region. A significant event for us was the opening in 2012 of a new sports complex – Federal training center for Winter Sports, including modern sports facilities built in accordance with the international standards – a skiing and biathlon complex with ski slopes (with ski-roller ones in summer) and a shooting range of 30 gun sights, as well as an indoor shooting range (50 m) of eight shooting positions; ski complex "Snezhinka": springboards K-125, K-95, K-65, K-40, K-20 (all with artificial turf – for jumping in summer); slalom, acrobatics, mogul slopes; trampolining and fitness facilities; a hostel and a scientific and medical center. The springboards, the biathlon complex and the ski slopes have licenses of the International Sports Federations (FIS and IBU). A training complex with six gyms and a swimming pool with two bathrooms also belong to the Institute. By now, conditions have been created not only for learning the basics of sports training, but also for elite athletes – members of the national teams of Russia and regions, to improve their sports skills.

Fig. 1. Examples of three-dimensional anthropometric body models of judokas of different weight classes

Research is an important part of the work of the Institute. In the department, research work is being carried out in eight priority directions according to the approved plans, within which fourteen teachers and staff have successfully defended their PhD theses, and one – his doctoral thesis during the last four years.

Three All-Russian theoretical-practical conferences were held at the premises of the Institute in the 2013-14 academic year including: "Adaptive physical culture and sport – education, science and practice"; "Sports-centered physical education – a new pedagogical technology of the 21st century"; "Wrestlers’ training: theory, science and practice"

It should be noted that the annual contest "Scientist of the Year of Tchaikovsky GIFK" in the categories "Best Scientist" and "Young Scientist" (winners in 2014 – Professor of TiMFKiS Fonarev D.V. and Headchair of TaTMA Zebzeev V.V.) is conducted in the Institute.

As part of the research work of students, the following planned activities are held every year:

- conference-contest of student research work (with the publication in the collected research works of young scientists);

- Olympic scientific session of young scientists and students of Russia (the first round), "Olympism, Olympic movement, Olympic Games (History and the Present)";

- Contest for student research associations "SRA ​​– a launching pad into Science";

- Contest "Best Student-Researcher of Tchaikovsky GIFK";

- Cathedral, theoretical and practical conferences and seminars.

In 2014 the scientific and medical center of federal training center for winter sports (SMC of FTC for WS) was founded on the basis of ChGIFK, headed by the highly qualified specialists: N.A. Zekrin (Physician of Superior Merit) – medical rehabilitation department and Ardashev A.E. (Ph.D., associate professor) – research and methodological department. The center has a unique modern medical rehabilitation and diagnostic equipment, comprising over 30 complexes and systems. The main activities of the research and methodological department are: a comprehensive research and methodological support of management of training of athletes and teams; providing analytical information for trainers to make managerial decisions regarding the organization of the training process; introduction into the training process of advanced methods and techniques to create an advanced training system; teaching students, undergraduates, postgraduate students advanced research methods in sports science. In 2014, the public task on the topic: "Innovative Management Technology of Training of skilled biathlonists in an annual training cycle" was completed, within the framework of the research six guidelines for trainers were developed; four acts were introduced into practice; 5 articles were published, three of which – in the editions of the HAC list, one academic and one educational edition.

Summarizing all the above, we are proud to say that Tchaikovsky State Institute of Physical Culture is our heritage.


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Corresponding author: chifk_rektorat@mail.ru