The Heritage of Universiade and Benefits for University

The Heritage of Universiade and Benefits for University


R.A. Yusupov, professor, Dr.Biol., Honorary figure of physical culture of the Russian Federation, director of Cultural-sport complex KAI OLYMP
Kazan national research technical university named after A.N. Tupolev-KAI, Kazan

Key words: Universiade, KAI, university sport, volunteers, KAI-Olymp.

More than 10 thousand athletes came to Kazan during the Universiade, approximately 6 thousand employees and 20 thousand volunteers, including 800 student-volunteers of the university visited the Games. At this time, the town lived for the major objective to make athletes and guests feel comfortable and safe.

The purpose of the study was to examine the results of training and staging of the XXVII World summer Universiade in Kazan.

Results and discussion. Thanks to the Universiade Kazan got 30 new modern facilities, 34 additionally renovated and reconstructed facilities and a huge potential for the development of university sport, and besides, - development of the town infrastructure, road construction, new jobs and opportunities for social and professional growth.

Kazan national research technical university named after A.N. Tupolev-KAI, like many universities, took an active part in the preparation and conduct of the games. On the verge of the Universiade the university got modern sports facilities, united in the unified complex "KAI-Olymp" amounting to 160 sq. m of indoor facilities: universal game gym, 50-meter swimming pool, football stadium with artificial turf and natural grass field for long throwing (athletics). All facilities were certified and the stadium got two stars of FIFA.

The total cost of facilities amounted to 1 billion 200 million rubles. It is a huge asset to the university. According to experts, currently one of the best sports complexes in Russia belongs to KNRTU-KAI. Deputy Head of the U.S. delegation Craik Jack noticed that not every American university has such sports facilities. Heads of delegations of other countries and regional offices of FISU were also thrilled with the "KAI-Olymp".

Water polo, football and basketball games were held in the sports complex. On the throwing site javelin and discus throwers were practicing. Simultaneous training sessions and competitions in various sports caused certain difficulties in staging the Games within the complex.

800 people, including 500 volunteers, law enforcement officers and public health officials were involved in staging of competitions. Daily scenario of competitions was planned minutely. Morning exercises started at 7 a.m., then official competitions, work with journalists, housekeeping, protection, transport operation. All these issues require accurate interaction of all services - from technical staff to management.

10 games were held every day. 20 national teams were received and sent from early morning until late evening. Surely, there was a lot of excitement in the early days, daily two-time meetings helped to address emerging issues. In time, 5 min was enough to simply exchange experiences and discuss some issues. Every day the collective was gaining invaluable enormous experience acquired in tough conditions. We were pleasantly amazed how quickly our student-volunteers adapted and resolved the most complicated situations. A little female student supervised on the radio: "Meeting the team from Japan, Italy coming, send the Americans ...!”. So, giving orders to each other, providing refereeing, protocol moments and many more worked the whole program of games without a single glitch.

The organization of the Universiade-2013 competitions in the cultural sports complex "KAI-Olymp" was awarded the highest assessment; almost all employees of the complex were much appreciated by the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Organizing Committee of the games, the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Tourism and rector of KNRTU-KAI.

Many volunteers, who had worked in the competitions, left to the Winter Olympic games in Sochi. For some people the Universiade has become a mean of social mobility, many employees of sports centers and management received prestigious invitations.

There is no other way to get the invaluable experience of the Universiade, but go through successes and mistakes during the official conduct of high level competitions.

Students attending classes in the sports complex of the international level acquire a fundamentally new level of motivation for physical education and sports classes. It is nice to know that most recently teams from Brazil, France, Italy played at this stadium, and national teams from the USA and Russia, etc. fought on the basketball court, and today the same conditions are provided for an ordinary first-year student.

In addition to students pupils of the children’s sport school and residents of the city of Kazan train in the cultural sports complex "KAI-Olymp". Within the framework of the social program "Health", patronized by President of Tatarstan R.N. Minnikhanov, children train in the swimming pool of the specialized children’s water polo and swimming sport school and young football players - at the stadium. There is also enough time for training sessions of handball and basketball youth teams. On Sundays citizens have a free access to the pool and Universiade facilities not only in the cultural sports complex "KAI-Olymp", but also all objects of the Universiade town. Involving pupils in sports classes within the university has a great career-oriented effect: it has always been prestigious to study together with champions, everybody was proud of them and tried to be like idols. Higher school is not only a scientific and professional school, but a school of life, it is traditions, pride of its graduates.

Thanks to the modern sports complex university water polo, basketball, football, handball teams were successfully prepared and mass university sport was developed.

Students of the "KAI-Olymp" team, who became silver medalists in their country, performed in the Russian water polo national team. Students of the same year, schoolmates, pupils and university staff supported them. When you know that your player is in the team, you want to support him with all your might, to share the pride for victory and the bitterness of failure. It is obvious that after the Universiade young people will keep interested in sport, involved in their own university, in their sports world.

The University has old sports traditions, established by many generations of students, but for the first time students were able to see themselves the heat of the struggle, the severity of victory, and it is worth it.

It is arguable that coordination of actions of structures in preparation and staging of the Universiade, held by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Tourism (Minister R.T. Burganov) delivered brilliant results.

A meeting of the Executive Committee of the Russian student union was held in the cultural sports complex "KAI-Olymp" on October 10, 2013 under the leadership of President of RSSU, First Vice-President of FISU O.V. Matytsin, where the results of the Universiade-2013 were summed up. In his speech he noted the great contribution of the university team to the successful organization of the Universiade and expressed the confidence in further development of university sport.

Conclusions. The results of the university sports cluster outcome of the World summer Universiade-2013 were as follows:

1. In addition to four modern sports facilities, the University has got equipment and gear for tens of millions of rubles. Moreover, other Kazan universities now have 20 new sports facilities of the international level.

2. The vast top-level experience of organizing and staging of sports events has been acquired. The team of the cultural sports complex "KAI-Olymp" is ready to host competitions of any level up to the world one. The FINA World Swimming Championships 2015 are ahead, where the university swimming pool is included in the list of facilities, where training sessions and competitions of swimmers and water polo players will take place.

3. The number of young people engaged in sports reaches 60% and it is not the limit. Quality material base is a powerful incentive to do sports.

4. The rise of patriotism - one of the crucial aspects of the heritage of the Universiade, it is the feeling of pride for our young people, this is people united around their sports heroes. We felt again that can win the Americans and the Chinese in completely different sports. Over 150 gold medals in 27 sports is a record of Universiade. This victory was well-deserved, everybody was in the same conditions. Kazan residents watched these victories firsthand, the judges were extremely objective and medals were won in a fair competition. The special spirit of cohesion of athletes and hosts of the competition was demonstrated at the opening and closing events of the Universiade on the 45000 stadium “KAZAN ARENA": when the Russian team appeared the audience was extremely thrilled and rejoiced. This is one of the main outcomes of the Universiade-2013 in Kazan.

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