Comparative assessment of the level of speed-strength preparedness of students of a sports university of different profiles of training


PhD, Associate Professor Mohaned Al Khalili1
PhD, Associate Professor A.K. Belyakov1
PhD M.E. Stepanova1
1Russian University Sport (SCOLIPE), Moscow

Objective of the study was a comparative assessment of the level of speed-strength readiness of students of a sports university with different training profiles.
Methods and structure of the study. Testing of speed-strength qualities was carried out in three stages: in September 2021, in January 2022 and in April 2022 at the Russian University Sport «SCOLIPE».
The number of subjects was 20 students of the sports training profile "Tennis" and 20 students of the direction "Football" with the following qualifications: first category, candidate for master of sports and master of sports of the Russian Federation. The age of the subjects ranged from 18 to 20 years, their height - 175-188 cm, weight - 75-86 kg.
Results and conclusions. Analysis of the dynamics of speed-strength fitness indicators for the periods September 2021 - January 2022 and January-April 2022 shows uniform changes, which can serve as confirmation of the competent distribution of sports load and training time, both in tennis and in football. A comparative evaluation of the test data of two groups of participants shows that tennis players show better speed-strength qualities than football players. This indicates that the use of programs of motor and power means in the training process of tennis players significantly affects the level of the corresponding physical qualities of athletes and contributes to its growth.
The authors conclude that the study of practical and theoretical experience gained in tennis can be of great help in improving the effectiveness of the training process in football.

Keywords: indicator, speed-strength readiness, students, different profile.


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