Theoretical foundations of classification of adaptive sport disciplines by physical load intensity


Dr. Hab., Professor S.P. Evseev1
Dr. Hab., Professor O.E. Evseeva1
PhD, Associate Professor A.A. Shelekhov1
PhD I.G. Nenakhov1
1Lesgaft National State University of Physical Education, Sports and Health, St. Petersburg

Objective of the study was to classify sports disciplines of adaptive sports according to the level of intensity of competitive loads.
Methods and structure of the study. To achieve this goal, an analysis was made of modern scientific publications and dissertations devoted to the study of improving the performance of Olympians and Paralympians, their reactions to competitive loads. An attempt was made to define universal criteria and approaches to classification. The search depth was 10 years.
Results and conclusions. Taking into account the variability of the content of competitive activity, approaches and methods for determining intensity zones, types of disorders in athletes, in the sport of persons with lesions of the musculoskeletal system, the classification of disciplines of adaptive sports was carried out taking into account the pulse zones during the competition, lactate indicators after the competition , and comparison of the time of performance of competitive activity with the power of muscular work.
The authors note that due to the lack of empirical data on the physiological and biochemical reactions of the body of Paralympic athletes, some positions of the classification were determined by extrapolation, and, therefore, can be revised as new data become available.

Keywords: adaptive sport, intensity of physical activity.


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