Evaluation of kinematic characteristics when competitive exercises performed by sportsmen of shock styles of single combats on the example of taekwondo WTF

Evaluation of kinematic characteristics when competitive exercises performed by sportsmen of shock styles of single combats on the example of taekwondo WTF


Dr. Hab., Professor O.G. Epov1
PhD E.M. Kalinin1
V.A. Kuzmichev1
K.A. Potapova1

1Russian University Sport (SCOLIPE), Moscow

Objective of the study was to reveal the kinematic characteristics of the motional actions of the sportsmen of the shock styles of martial arts during the performance of competitive exercises.
Methods and structure of the study. An experiment was conducted with the participation of athletes of martial arts taekwondo WTF in the amount of eight athletes. To register the kinematic characteristics of motor actions, the Wimu Pro system, made in Spain, was used, the sensor of which was attached to the back and the back surface of the soleus muscle of the "shock" leg. Athletes performed a nerio-chaga kick (falling kick from top to bottom) with different intensity: 1) slow, 2) medium, 3) maximum, 4) as in a duel and 5) on the paws.
Results and conclusions. For the first time, the results were obtained, which made it possible to determine the kinematic characteristics of motor actions for the falling blow of nerio-chaga in athletes of the WTF taekwondo martial arts. It was found that the angular velocity of the leg movement is carried out with different angular velocity, both during the swing and during the impact movement. The intensity of leg movement in different modes is influenced by: angular velocity, the presence or absence of resistance. The control of motor actions parameters is also informative and necessary in training and competitive activities, as well as heart rate indicators.

Keywords: impact, movement, control, speed, acceleration.


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