An alternative style of performing technical actionsin the athletics triple jump


V.A. Dolmatova1
N.A. Kozhura1, 2

Dr. Hab., Professor V.V. Ponomarev1, 3
1Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk
2Sports school of the Olympic reserve "Sputnik", Krasnoyarsk
3Siberian Fire and Rescue Academy of EMERCOM of Russia, Zheleznogorsk

Objective of the study was to theoretically substantiate a new style of technique for performing an athletics triple jump "ricochet".
Methods and structure of the study. At the preliminary stage of the study, modern styles of triple jump execution were analyzed: "vertical", "raking" and "running". This analysis made it possible to integrate the "raking" and "running" styles in the triple jump into an alternative technical execution style, namely the "ricochet".
Results and conclusions. The “ricochet” jump technique is a “creeping” jump, where the repulsion angle in the “leap” and “step” is 35°-40 °, and in the final phase of the triple jump, the departure angle is 40°-45 °. The meeting of the foot with the “sliding” support, namely the “creeping” jump run, where the hip rises at an angle of 35°-40°, all technical actions are horizontal with forward movement, with an emphasis on fast “sliding” repulsion. This jumping style is typical for athletes with a low center of gravity and short flexors of the lower extremities, which allows them to effectively perform the above technical actions. Thus, this style of jump helps to attract a large number of trainees, and especially girls, who, according to their anthropometric data, have a low center of gravity of the pelvis and short levers, engage in athletics triple jump and thereby cultivate this type of athletics discipline more widely.

Keywords: triple jump, jump technique, alternative style, technical training, sports specialization.


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