Influence of yoga on the development of flexibility in students


Postgraduate student N.A. Zinchenko1
PhD, Associate Professor V.A. Gorovoy1
PhD, Associate Professor G.V. Shvets2
PhD, Associate Professor M.V. Chaichenko2
PhD, Associate Professor E.D. Mitusova2
1Mozyr State Pedagogical University named after I.P. Shamyakin, Mozyr
2State University of Humanities and Social Studies, Moscow Region, Kolomna

Objective of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of using yoga to develop the flexibility of female students of pedagogical specialties.
Methods and structure of the study. The experiment involved 76 1st year students of the Faculty of Technology and Biology of Mozyr State Pedagogical University named after I.P. Shamyakin, who were divided into control (CG, n=37) and experimental (EG, n=39) groups. Classes with CG students were held in accordance with the traditional program of physical culture. The training program in the EG was designed for 15 lessons (30 training hours). The first two sessions included determining the initial level of physical fitness, including flexibility, as well as getting acquainted with the theoretical aspects of yoga and the rules for performing exercises. The following lessons were practical in nature. They provided for the direct study and performance of asanas in the preparatory part of the lesson, instead of the traditional warm-up for 20-30 minutes. The repetitions of one group of exercises were gradually increased up to 5-6 times. During the first practical classes, students were offered the initial classical Surya Namaskar complex, consisting of 12 asanas. All of them were performed in strict sequence and in a certain rhythm of breathing.
Results and conclusions. The results in all control exercises among the girls of the experimental group are significantly higher. The chosen method of female students' flexibility development at physical culture lessons is rather effective. Based on the results of female students' flexibility development level assessment, it was established that the inclusion of yoga in the physical culture program will allow not only to maintain, but also improve this physical quality, and therefore, have a positive impact on female students' physical fitness.

Keywords: yoga, physical culture, flexibility, female students.


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