Individualization of physical training of footballers of various game positions

Individualization of physical training of footballers of various game positions


Postgraduate student A.S. Zaichenko1
PhD, Associate Professor Y.A. Popov1
1Russian State University of Physical Education, Sports, Youth and Tourism (SCOLIPE), Moscow

Objective of the study was to test physical qualities of footballers of various game positions to individualize the process of training and thus increase the efficiency of their game activity.
Methods and structure of the study. Subject to the study were the footballers of FC "Spartak" (Moscow). The tests applied were as follows: 6x5 m shuttle run, running 10 m run from a place, 20 m run from standing start, vertical jump without using hands, zigzag run. Smart Speed system was used to obtain the test rates. To process the test results, the subjects were divided into several groups according to their game positions, 4 footballers each.
Results and conclusions. The test data were adjusted according to the players' functional state to improve the ability to quickly change directions, develop gross motor skills, speed-strength qualities, and muscular power.
The analysis of the test rates made it possible not only to determine their improvement but also to identify the most advanced game positions of the footballers, Consequently, the analysis revealed not only the strongest but also the weakest groups of game positions in football. The applied individual method of training of footballers of various game positions yielded a positive result and made it possible to improve the necessary physical parameters applied during the game.

Keywords: professional footballers, individualization, testing, game position.


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