Functional changes in the body of young men with sensorineural hearing loss as a result of regular football training


Dr. Hab., Associate Professor A.S. Makhov1
Dr. Med., Dr. Biol., Professor I.N. Medvedev1
1Russian State Social University, Moscow

Keywords: young men, sensorineural hearing loss, physical fitness, football, muscle activity.

Introduction. Systematic feasible muscle loads stimulate biosynthetic and regulatory processes throughout the human body [1]. This is especially important for the recovery of an organism with pathology [2]. Of great interest is the study of the effect of football training on the body of young men with sensorineural hearing loss.
The aim of the study was to evaluate the impact of regular football training on the motor capabilities of young men with sensorineural hearing loss.
Methodology and organization of the study. 22 19‑year-old boys with sensorineural hearing loss were examined. During the experiment, they were divided into a main group of 11 people who started regular football training, and a control group of 11 people who continued to lead their usual sedentary lifestyle. Standard functional tests were applied with statistical processing of their results.
The results of the study. Initially, all young men with hearing loss had a low level of speed, strength and coordination capabilities with weak endurance. At the beginning of the observation, under conditions of physical exertion, fatigue quickly set in with a sharp increase in erroneous motor actions. After six months of observation, a significant increase in the level of endurance and an increase in coordination, speed-strength and strength capabilities were found in the main group that regularly engaged in football. At the same time, there was a significant reduction in fatigue, an increase in locomotor stability and an increase in the clarity of movements.
Conclusion. Regular football training significantly increases the physical fitness of young men with sensorineural hearing loss. The great stimulating potential of regular football training gives grounds to widely recommend them for the physical development of young men with sensorineural hearing loss.


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