The concept of "motor activity" in the theory of building movement


Dr. Biol., Professor G.P. Ivanova
Lesgaft National State University of Physical Education, Sports and Health, St. Petersburg

Keywords: kinesiology, motor action, algorithm, concept.

Introduction. The conceptual apparatus of the theory and methodology of sports requires development and discussion within the framework of an interdisciplinary approach.
The purpose of the study is to interpret the concept of "motor activity" in the scientific works of V.K. Balsevich.
The results of the study and their discussion. The content of the concept of "motor activity", in contrast to "reflex movement", includes the solution of sequential tasks related to the ability of the performer to adapt to the situation, counteract emerging forces of external and internal origin, find the necessary tactics and apply appropriate techniques for conducting wrestling. The selection of ideas about the training model is determined by the level of training or improvement of the athlete, depending on the quality of his scientific school and the training process.
V.K. Balsevich logically introduces his definition of motor activity as "purposeful implementation by a person of motor actions aimed at improving various indicators of his physical potential" [1]. At the same time, "purposefulness" is defined by him as an algorithm of a sequence of "actions" justified by N.A. Bernstein:
an individual's perception and assessment of the situation, his condition and motor capabilities;
the individual's attitude: "to become" instead of what "is";
the individual determines "what he needs to do" with the use of motor activity,
the individual decides "how to do it" with the help of available motor resources.
Conclusion. Currently, it is becoming urgent to revise the content of scientific concepts from the standpoint of kinesiological knowledge, laid down by the theorist of sports science V.K. Balsevich, and adapt them to the modern practice of training specialists in the field of sports and physical culture.


  1. Balsevich V.K. Ontokinesiology of man: monograph / V.K. Balsevich. – M.: Theory and practice of physical culture, 2000. – 275 p.