Problems of education of young football players in the SAR


Dr. Hab., Associate Professor L.I. Kostyunina1
Postgraduate student Al Shih Mhd. Visam1
Postgraduate student A.N. Nazarov1
1Ulyanovsk State University of Education, Ulyanovsk

Keywords: parents, coach, young football player, communicative interaction, upbringing.

The purpose of the study is to identify the readiness of children's football coaches for communicative interaction with parents in the education of a young athlete.
Methodology and organization of the study. The pedagogical study involved 20 Syrian football coaches (age from 20 to 43 years; qualification – category D), 25 parents (age from 30 to 60 years, profession: government employees, self-employed, teachers). In order to identify the features of the means of training and education of young football players used by coaches, the forms of organization of interaction with parents, the attitude of parents to the sports activities of the child, to the personality of the coach, two questionnaires were developed. Coaches and parents of young football players from three football schools in the Hama province of the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR) participated in the survey.
The results of the study and their discussion. According to the training certificates, the qualification of most coaches is the minimum level – D (five coaches without qualifications, former athletes), which indicates a low level of professional and pedagogical training of children's coaches. During the training, the Syrian coaches focus on teaching the technique of young football players, the development of physical qualities. The main form of educational work with young athletes, according to Syrian coaches, is an individual conversation with children to solve problems arising during training (74% of respondents), as well as holding a team meeting (100%). Due to the insufficient level of special knowledge on the theory and methodology of football, pedagogy, psychology, coaches pay little attention to educational, educational work with young athletes [1, 2].
In the formation of a social environment that has a positive or negative educational impact on the personality of a young athlete, the leading role is assigned to parents. Their support, approval, and organization of joint actions ensure greater effectiveness of sports activities. According to the survey, parents fully trust the coach in raising a child (100%); attend matches with children (75%); watch TV broadcasts of football matches together (54.0%), control the sports regime (88.3%). 93.2% of parents want to see their child successful in sports, are ready to cooperate with a coach on all emerging issues of psychological and pedagogical support and support for a young athlete, providing favorable conditions for study and training.
On the part of coaches, the organization of communicative interaction with parents is limited to solving organizational and financial issues (purchase of sports equipment, payment of training fees, provision of transport). In isolated cases, some parents play different roles within their organized clubs as coaches, assistants, referees and administrators. Only 32.1% of respondents hold parent meetings; 37.5% discuss with their parents issues of the daily routine of young athletes, nutrition, etc.
Conclusion. The training of qualified children's football coaches in the SAR is currently carried out at a weak scientific and methodological level, which causes a low level of their psychological and pedagogical readiness to work with the parents of young athletes. The solution to the considered problem is seen: in improving the system of professional development of coaches; in the need to consider parents as part of the team; in the organization of joint activities of the coach, children, parents.


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