Indicators of the use of tactical types of attacks in the fights of young foil fencers at the training stage


Dr. Hab., Professor A.D. Movshovich1
P.G. Borisova1
N.I. Ovchinnikov1
1Russian State University of Physical Education, Sports, Youth and Tourism (SCOLIPE), Moscow

Keywords: training stage, rapier fencing, tactical types of attacks, the period of initial specialization, the period of in-depth training.

Introduction. Mastering tactics requires improving the types of attacks, which include: basic attacks (attacks that start a fight); repeated attacks; retaliatory attacks; preparation attacks. Since technique and tactics in fencing are closely interrelated, tactically adequate attacks requiring coordinated movement of the torso and weapons and performed at several rates when overcoming the distance to the enemy are either not used at all, or in very limited volumes due to insufficient technical preparedness of young rapiers [1].
The purpose of the study is to identify the indicators of the use of tactical types of attacks by rapier fencers at the training stage.
Methodology and organization of the study. A video recording of the fights was used, followed by an analysis of their content. In total, 12 rapiers of the training stage took part in the study. About 180 competitive duels were recorded and analyzed.
The results of the study. The scope of the use of basic attacks in rapiers during the initial specialization and in-depth training prevail. At the same time, the combat effectiveness of these attacks is practically not growing. Despite the fact that the volume of attacks on the preparation of athletes of both groups are at the same level (p >005), their effectiveness is significantly higher for rapiers at the stage of in-depth training.
Conclusion. In the process of mastering and improving attacks that differ in the moment of application, there is a decrease in the use of basic attacks and an increase (in some cases insignificant) in the implementation of retaliatory and repeated attacks. There is a high spread of indicators of the effectiveness of the use of preparation attacks, repeated and retaliatory attacks.


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