Physical culture and sport: unity and difference


PhD, Associate Professor L.V. Byankina1
Dr. ScPhil., Professor M.A. Manikovskaya2
PhD, Associate Professor D.V. Chiligin1
1Far Eastern State Academy of Physical Culture, Khabarovsk
2Pacific National University, Khabarovsk

Objective of the study was to comprehend the problem of the correlation between the phenomena of physical culture and sports.
Methods and structure of the study. Analysis and synthesis of scientific, philosophical and sports literature, abstraction and concretization.
Results and conclusions. The authors of the article consider different versions of the analysis of the problem of the correlation between the phenomena of physical culture and sports and note that disharmony between them is growing in the modern world. The dynamic process of mismatch of these phenomena is due to both the radical changes that have taken over the sport and the ongoing changes in the field of physical culture practice that do not correspond to this pace.
The authors believe that a fruitful solution to the problem under consideration can be associated with a clear understanding of the qualitative certainty of modern sports and the realization of the potential of physical culture as the embodiment of spiritual and physical harmony, which determines the completeness and integrity of a person.

Keywords: physical culture, sports, sports diversification, spiritual and physical harmony.


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