Features of strength training of girls 18-25 years old involved in bodybuilding


PhD, Associate Professor E.O. Rybakova1
PhD, Associate Professor Yu.Yu. Borina1
V.A. Kulikov1
1Tchaikovsky State Academy of Physical Culture and Sports, Tchaikovsky

Objective of the study was to develop and experimentally test the methodology of strength training for girls aged 18-25 who go in for bodybuilding.
Methods and structure of the study. The experiment was conducted on the basis of the Regional Bodybuilding Federation of the Perm Territory, 18 girls aged 18-25 took part in it, divided into the control (CG) and experimental (EG) groups. In the EG, a method of strength training was introduced, based on the inclusion in the split-programs of sets of exercises performed on simulators, with free weights, jerk-braking exercises and exercises with rubber expanders. The strength abilities of the girls were assessed using control tests, assessment of fat and muscle components.
Results and conclusions. Thanks to the developed methodology, it was possible to significantly improve the strength abilities of the subjects of the experimental group in the "bench press" by 92.6%, in the "sitting press" by 58%, in the "squat with a barbell" by 68.6%, in "lifting the body from the position lying in a sitting position” by 42.4%, in “flexion-extension of the arms, in lying position” by 66%, to increase the muscle component and reduce the fat component, which is an indicator of the optimal form for participating in bodybuilding competitions.

Keywords: bodybuilding, strength abilities, training methods, hypertrophy.


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