Regional physical education system integration experience


Dr. Sc. Hist. E.A. Kalinina1
PhD, Associate Professor V.P. Umnov1
1Petrozavodsk State University, Petrozavodsk

Objective of the study was to analyze the regional physical education system development and integration experience of Karelia.
Methods and structure of the study. The research methodology was designed to analyze objective historical records of the academic physical education and sports system progress with account of the specific historical and modern socio-cultural contexts, on materials of the National Archive of the Republic of Karelia, Karelian State Pedagogical University and Petrozavodsk State University.
Results and conclusion. We analyzed in the study the academic physical education and sports system origins, growth vectors and modern progress in the Republic of Karelia for the last 65 years; and, on a more specific basis, practical experience of the Karelian State Pedagogical University and Petrozavodsk State University faculties and students in the efforts to promote the physical education and sports specialist training service in the context of healthy lifestyle values and priorities in the country on the whole and Republic of Karelia in particular.

Keywords: higher education, pedagogical institute, university, physical education department, sport.


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