Training police officers in groundwork techniques based on integrative approach


PhD, Associate Professor E.I. Troyan1
R.A. Muslimov1
1Tyumen Institute for Advanced Training of Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Tyumen

Keywords: physical training, police patrol officers, combat fighting techniques, prone wrestling, situational method, situations.

The main conditions for using the situational method are: the use of interdisciplinary integration of physical, tactical training and legal disciplines of the vocational training program; differentiation of situations by the levels of danger of the offender's counteraction; the minimum amount of situational training is 10 hours.


  1. Manual on the organization of physical training in the internal affairs bodies of the Russian Federation: Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia No. 450 dated July 1, 2017 // URL: 10.04.2019

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