Trampoline training model for precompetitive trainings of elite freestyle skiers

Trampoline training model for precompetitive trainings of elite freestyle skiers


PhD, Associate Professor T.A. Darvish1
PhD, Associate Professor E.O. Rybakova1
PhD, Associate Professor Y.Y. Borina1
1Tchaikovsky State Academy of Physical Culture, Tchaikovsky

Objective of the study was to test benefits of a new trampoline training model for freestyle skiing elite in precompetitive training period.
Methods and structure of the study. The new trampoline training model testing experiment was run at the Winter Olympic Reserve Sports School "Ogonek" named after Postnikov Leonard Dmitrievich (in Chusova). We sampled for the tests the mogul freestyle skiing elite (n=10, six men and four women) of Tchaikovsky State Academy of Physical Culture with MS and WCMC qualifications, competitors to the 2018 Olympic Games in Pyeongchang. We analyzed in the study their jumping technical scores and every mogul freestyle skiing technical training element, plus calculated the training intensity ratios versus the best foreign benchmarks.
Results and conclusion. The sample showed the highest training intensity in the late season, although the jumping technical scores and difficulty classes were lagging behind the foreign leaders’ benchmarks. The pre-experimental jumping performance was relatively low in spite of the high technical scores. The post-experimental tests found meaningful progress in the jumping techniques and difficulty classes and, hence, better competitive accomplishments in the formal events.

Keywords: freestyle, mogul, trampoline training, jumping technical score, physical training.


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