First-year physical education masters’ career ambitions survey

First-year physical education masters’ career ambitions survey


PhD, Associate Professor I.P. Grekhova1
PhD, Associate Professor M.E. Guzich1
PhD, Associate Professor N.P. Plekhanova1
1Surgut State University, Surgut

Objective of the study was to survey and analyze the physical education masters’ career orientations.
Methods and structure of the study. We sampled for the questionnaire survey the SSU masters (n=36) majoring in physical education Service; Adaptive Physical Education Service; and Sports, with 12 in every of these three groups (EG1, EG2, EG3). The sample was surveyed using the E. Shane's Career Anchors questionnaire survey method, with the intergroup survey data processed and analyzed using the Mann-Whitney U-test.
Results and conclusion. The survey found the respondents ranking high many such social values including Service, Stable Job, Autonomy, Management, Business, Professional Competence, etc. – indicative of their good adaptability to modern socio-economic and political environments. The semantic aspects of the career orientations, therefore, were found sound enough, unlike the control function. The hierarchy of career values and motivations found by the survey, with the Professional Competency and Stable Job ranked low enough – gives reasons to assume that the sample is still unprepared for the service driven by the declared values and tend to underestimate the practical work needed to attain the goals. We believe that a special priority will be given to the Self-management and Development and Project Leadership and Teamwork courses to help the young people make transition from the abstract ideas to concrete goals, with clear vision of the ways to design and manage own progress agendas.

Keywords: career orientations, sports career, personality qualities, volitional and behavioral control.


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