Scientific justification for general physical fitness rating methods for golf players

Scientific justification for general physical fitness rating methods for golf players


PhD, Associate Professor E.V. Cherkashina1
Postgraduate student Ning Ji1
PhD, Associate Professor D.N. Platonov2
PhD, Associate Professor A.I. Ivanov2
1North-Eastern Federal University, Yakutsk
2Arctic State Agrotechnological University, Yakutsk

Objective of the study was to determine relative tests to estimate the general physical fitness of the 8-10 year-old boys engaged in golf based on the correlation pleiades.
Methods and structure of the study. Sampled for the study were the 8-10 year-old boys engaged in golf (n=47). The "Ruge" indoor golf simulator was used to estimate the following biomechanical parameters of the shot: launch angle, ball speed, club path angle, clubhead speed. The young athletes’ general physical fitness was rated in 21 test exercises. The study was carried out at the premises of Shenzhen Golf Club in China.
Results and conclusion. The study enabled to determine the correlation relationships between individual biochemical indicators of the shot performed using the indoor golf simulator and general physical fitness rates in the 8-10 year-old golf players. Only high correlation coefficients (r≥0.700) were taken into account in the selection of test exercises. As a result, 15 exercises were selected to monitor the general physical fitness of the 8-10 year-old boys engaged in golf.

Keywords: golf, control, testing, biomechanical analysis, training process.


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