Recreational training to motivate schoolchildren for healthy life

Recreational training to motivate schoolchildren for healthy life


PhD, Associate Professor I.N. Korneva1
Dr. Biol., Associate Professor V.Y. Safonova1
E.N. Velichko1
1Orenburg State Pedagogical University, Orenburg

Objective of the study was to assess the effectiveness of the recreational exercise complex used in the health and safety training course.
Methods and structure of the study. The study was carried out at the premises of the general education schools of Orenburg and Orsk from 2019 through 2020. Sampled for the study were 150 schoolchildren from 10 educational institutions, who were subjected to the "My health" test. 
Based on the initial level of knowledge of the schoolchildren of their state of health, a set of recreational exercises was selected to positively affect the development of the testees’ health-care skills.
Results and conclusions. The questionnaire survey results showed that the majority of teenagers have a positive attitude to sports activities, attend various sports sections, and feel the need to exercise during the day.
At the same time, not all of the children perform morning exercises, or indulge in sports, or have PT breaks at the lessons, which results in rapid fatigability and loss of health resources. 
The experiment enabled to identify the recreational exercise complexes that include exercises for the ear auricle, eyes, metacarpophalangeal joints, radiocarpal, elbow, and knee joints, exercises to improve posture and breathing exercises. 
The use of the exercise set contributed to the improvement of the working capacity, emotional and psychological state of the schoolchildren at the lessons.

Keywords: health, health-protecting education, health-improving exercises, PT breaks, motivation, health and safety training course.


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