Physical education classes to stimulate self-improvement activities of first-year university students


Dr. Hab., Professor V.V. Izvekov1
PhD, Associate Professor K.V. Izvekov1
1Saransk Cooperative Institute (branch) of the Russian University of Cooperation, Saransk

Objective of the study was to determine the level of readiness of the first-year students for self-assessment and self-improvement of their own physical state, as well as their readiness for active physical education and sports activities to further improve the effectiveness of physical training of university students.
Methods and structure of the study. Physical education at for-profit universities implies a complex solution for instilling high moral values, developing moral-volitional and physical qualities of students, preserving and improving their health, as well as fostering in young people awareness of the value of regular physical activities. For this purpose, at the first desk studies under the elective courses "Overall Physical Conditioning", "Applied Physical Culture", "Adaptive Physical Culture", students are explained the necessity and importance of personal growth, ways of personal self-improvement through physical education and sports activities. The first-year students of the Russian University of Cooperation branch were subjected to a questionnaire survey every year, at the very first physical education classroom session, which made it possible to determine the level of readiness of each student for self-analysis as the first step towards physical self-improvement.
Results and conclusions. The developed system of student engagement makes it possible to gradually increase the level of physical training of students and generate their interest in regular sports activities, which will have a positive impact on their physical and moral development in the future. Moreover, this system enables to exert an implicit effect on students, thus stimulating their personal growth from the awareness of their own imperfections to gradual self-control, and, as a result, personal self-improvement.

Keywords: personal self-improvement, stimulation of self-improvement activities, student’s personality, self-development, physical development, physical education, body building.


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