Heterochrony of physical potential in gaming activity of young hockey players during training and competitive activities

Applicant E.A. Yastrebova1
Dr. Hab., Associate Professor T.K. Kim2
Dr. Hab., Associate Professor G.A. Kuzmenko2
1Republican Specialized Football School of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Neryungri
2Moscow State Pedagogical University, Moscow

Objective of the study was to identify and characterize the components of the physical potential of the 8-9 year-old hockey players in the gaming activity taking into account the peculiarities of its heterochronic development in terms of conjugacy of the training and competitive activities.
Methods and structure of the study. Sampled for the study were the 8-9 year-old hockey players performing at "Elley Bootur" Sorts Complex, Yakutsk. The article presents the findings on the peculiarities of the heterochronic development of the components of physical potential of the junior hockey players in the gaming activity (both training and competitive).
Results and conclusions. The study enabled to determine the factors that characterize the components of the physical potential of the junior athletes in the gaming activity: successful performance of the technical and tactical actions with a mindset to dominate over the opponent in the gaming situation, with the positive evaluation of their activity; the level of the technical-tactical fitness; the level of skills and personal qualities that are crucial for the competitive activity; personal acmeological stand on ultimate self-realization in the gaming activity regardless of the current result; timely realization of their own creative, combinatorial, logical, operational thinking during individual and team game activities. The basic characteristics of the physical potential of an athlete in the gaming activity were highlighted.
Further clustering of the identified structural units helped characterize the successively developing areas of pedagogical attention and required methodological support of the training process taking into account multiple levels of integral complexity of the training exercises and elements of competitive activity that, overall, mark the domain of coach’s pedagogical impact as a system of successively increasing stimulating activity in 27 semantics - stands on the qualitative attributes of the actions within the structure of the training and competitive activities of junior hockey players.

Keywords: junior hockey players aged 8-9 years old, training and competitive activities, physical potential in the gaming activity, components, characteristics, development.


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