Impact of strength abilities on technical fitness of junior biathletes

Postgraduate student D.I. Ivanov
Tchaikovsky State Institute of Physical Culture, Tchaikovsky

Objective of the study was to analyze the impact of strength abilities on technical fitness of junior biathletes.
Method and structure of the study. We analyzed the speed characteristics of the V2 skating technique when ascending and rated the athletes' strength abilities. The dependence of technical fitness on strength abilities was determined using a correlation analysis.
Results of the study and conclusions. The article presents the results of the video analysis of speed characteristics of the V2 skating technique when ascending and the results of testing of the biathletes' strength abilities used to determine their fitness level. The majority of biathletes of the study group demonstrated low strength rates in the following tests: push-ups; bent suspension; vertical jumps "with a squat"; squats with the weight of 15% of the body mass. Consequently, the analysis of work of the muscle groups in different activity modes indicated low levels of competitive activity due to the lack of concordance of body links. The junior biathletes tested with the high strength fitness levels had a long skating step, the shortest cycle duration, the shortest time of repulsion with their feet and hands, and also surpassed the less-trained athletes in the repulsion rate, which was owing to the higher technical fitness level. The selected exercises, which helped reveal the strength fitness level, showed a strong correlation with such kinematic indicators of the skating step as cycle duration, skating step length, motion frequency, and coefficient of repulsion with the hands.

Keywords: junior biathletes, technical fitness, strength rates, kinematic indicators of skiing technique, fitness level.


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