Peculiarities of elective academic physical education and sports curriculum

A.S. Kariauli
Petrozavodsk State University, Petrozavodsk

Objective of the study was to provide the methodological substantiation of the Physical Education and Sports curriculum and distribution of the number of elective directions at university.
Methods and structure of the study. The teaching staff of the Physical Education and Sports Department of Petrozavodsk State University analyzed and generalized the four-year experience of the education process scheduling at the university consisting of 11 institutes (3,802 students) in the Physical Education and Sports discipline (elective disciplines), by 16 elective courses (138 groups).
Results of the study and conclusions. The author states that scheduling of the educational process in the Physical Education and Sports discipline should be carried out based on a thorough analysis of a number of conditions: the number of people and the change of the mode of study at the institute; sport selection priorities in each institute; gender composition of the study groups; place of basic education of students of the institute and location of sports facilities of the university. With sound scheduling, we can significantly reduce the number of students who do not study in the discipline and/or try to change the initially chosen elective course.

Keywords: university, physical education, organization of the educational process, scheduling.


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