Fitness technology in academic physical education curriculum in preparation for GTO tests: application specifics


PhD, Associate Professor D.G. Radchenko
Siberian State Technological University, Krasnoyarsk

Key words: students, TRP complex, standards, functional indicators.

Conduct. Currently, a large number of fitness technologies are being developed in the system of physical culture, which contribute to the preparation of students for the implementation of the TRP complex [1].
Wellness fitness is a balanced program of physical activity aimed at achieving and maintaining optimal physical condition of students in modern conditions.
The aim of the study is to prove experimentally the effectiveness of fitness technologies in the physical training of students to perform the TRP complex.
Methodology and organization of the study. Among the mandatory tests in the University is lifting the torso from the lying position on the floor (number of times). During three years on the basis of SibSTU of Krasnoyarsk in the period from September to June 2015/2018 academic years functional indicators and physical development of the students who are engaged in programs of fitness technologies, and the students who are engaged in the General groups which are not carried to special medical groups (SMG) were analyzed. For purity of experiment did not take into account the results of students who are engaged in any sports professionally.
For the initial level, the result shown after passing the first control standards for this test on the 1st course was taken. In the future, the dynamics of control tests on this test once a semester was analyzed. The data obtained as a result of testing were processed using methods of mathematical statistics.
Results and organization of the study. As a percentage, the increase in indicators for the studied standard in the first year of study of students of the main educational groups was 2.33 %, and those engaged in fitness technology programs-4.26 %. In the 2nd year, the same rate was 7.32 and 4.44%, respectively. In the 3rd year, the indicators of female students of the main groups were 2.17 % and female students engaged in fitness technology programs-21.15 %.
A General analysis of the results of the study showed that girls engaged in fitness technology programs were much better prepared to pass the TRP standards for this test. In addition, conducting passing observations, we found that they were generally better prepared for the delivery of most other control standards for the program of physical education at the University.
Conclusion. The use of fitness technologies in the program of physical education at the University allows more effectively prepare students for the delivery of standards of the TRP complex. In addition, the use of fitness training can initially increase the motivation of girls to physical activity, improve physical development and functional readiness.


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