Problems of tourist trip organization and process in GTO tests


E.A. Nikolaev1
PhD, Associate Professor A.Yu. Osipov1, 2, 4
Dr.Hab., Associate Professor R.S. Nagovitsyn3
Dr.Biol., Associate Professor S.E. Zhuykova3
1Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk
2Krasnoyarsk State Medical University n.a. prof. V.F. Voyno-Yasenetsky, Krasnoyarsk
3Glazov State Pedagogical Institute n.a. V.G. Korolenko, Glazov
4Siberian Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Krasnoyarsk

Key words: TRP test "tourist trip", the analysis of the data.

Introduction. The complex "Ready for work and defense" (TRP) presents a large list of test tests, including a Hiking trip with a test of tourist skills (TP) [1].
The purpose of the study is to identify relevant data on the organization and conduct of the test-TP in the testing centers of citizens of VFSK TRP.
Methodology and organization of the study. An online survey of 284 heads of TRP testing centers from 42 regions of the Russian Federation was conducted. The respondents had to evaluate on a 10‑point scale the conditions of the organization and the quality of the test – TP. Quantitative data analysis was carried out using x_.. By the method of system analysis of the obtained data, the authors planned to identify the main problems of conducting test tests – TP in the centers of VFSK TRP.
The results of the study and their discussion. Analysis of the data showed that the majority of respondents (68.6 %) indicate significant difficulties in the organization and conduct of this test. The lack of detailed guidelines for testing (x_ =4.89), there are difficulties in the organization of TP (ensuring the safety of TP participants, medical control, etc.) (x_ =5.22). There is a shortage of qualified specialists (judges) able to objectively assess the level of tourist skills of the tested persons (x_ =5.48). Technical skills of TP participants are evaluated on average (x_ =5.81). The level of physical fitness of TP participants is estimated quite high (x_ =7,92).
Conclusion. The survey showed that the main problem in the organization of the test – TP is a significant lack of detailed guidelines for the conduct and evaluation criteria of this test. There are difficulties with the competent organization of TP (security, control, medical care). At the same time, the level of physical fitness of citizens to the test-TP is sufficient for the successful passage of this type of test VFSK TRP.


  1. Nagovitsyn R. S. Program of preparation for delivery of norms of the all-Russian complex of TRP on the basis of mobile training / R. S. Nagovitsyn, I. V. vladykina, S. Yu. Senator / / Theory and practice of physical culture. - 2015. - No. 1. - Pp. 46-48.