Development of strength abilities of sambo wrestlers with hearing impairments


A.V. Jalilov1
Dr.Hab., Associate Professor A.S. Makhov1
1Russian State Social University, Moscow

Keywords: blind wrestlers, the power of the ability, the training process.

Introduction. In the training of Sambo wrestlers with various types of hearing impairment, attention is paid to the development of basic physical abilities, as well as those that are necessary in competitive practice on the wrestling Mat. A special role is played by the power, since in the conditions of confrontation of the duel and the performance of various technical and tactical actions, it is necessary to display force in its various combinations (strength endurance, explosive force, etc.).
The aim of the study is to characterize the exercises that develop the strength abilities of the upper extremity belt in wrestlers with hearing impairment.
Methodology and organization of the study. The methodology is based on a pedagogical experiment conducted on the basis of Ivanovo correctional boarding school No. 1.
Research result. One of the important technical actions in Sambo wrestling is the capture, the successful execution of which allows the wrestler to bring the opponent out of balance and ultimately make a successful throw or perform a painful reception. When you run this motor steps mainly involved the upper limbs, particularly the muscles of the hand and forearm.
For the development of muscle groups involved in the capture, in the training process of Sambo wrestlers with hearing impairment Ivanovo correctional boarding school No. 1 were additionally introduced strength exercises (pull-UPS on a high crossbar, pull-UPS on a low crossbar using the grip of the athlete's jacket, vis, holding a stuffed ball weighing 2 kg at arm's length), were recorded indicators of athletes in each control exercise. During the three months of 2018 (January, February, March), the athletes each training session additionally performed these three exercises.
In April, it was carried out a control test in all of the above exercise, which yielded the following results: pulling on the bar high-the number of repetitions increased in 1.5 times; the pulling on the low rail, using the jacket of the athlete's results increased by 4 repetition; the retention of the vis – 2.1 s; hold the medicine ball weighing 2 kg at arm's length – 3.5 S.
Conclusion. Purposeful development of power abilities of a belt of the top extremities increases force of muscles of a hand and the forearm participating in capture of wrestlers-Sambo wrestlers with hearing impairment. In the course of pedagogical observations after the experiment, the following positive changes were noted: during training sessions and free-style fights, wrestlers with hearing impairment more confidently and accurately used such an important technical action as a grip.


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