Mobile application to motivate students for physical training


Dr.Hab., Professor O.L. Treshcheva1
A.V. Koksharov1
1Omsk State Transport University, Omsk

Keywords: students, mobile application, physical qualities.

Entry. The introduction of mobile technologies in the educational process of physical education of students in our country is taking the first steps, and the number of programs designed for use on mobile devices is not enough [1].
The aim of the study is to increase students ' interest in the process of physical education using a mobile application.
Methodology and organization of the study. During the study, the program-Application "testing of physical qualities of students" was developed for individual use by the student in the format of a mobile application for a smartphone, tablet and other mobile devices on the operating system (OS) Android. The program consisted of three blocks.
In the control block of the Application there is a menu for entering the results of testing the physical qualities of the student (10 indicators).
Further, the program within the expert block translates the entered results into points (percentages) and builds an individual profile of the level and proportionality of the development of physical qualities of the student. An individual profile at 31 percent shows the boundary of a student's model level of physical skill development. This clearly demonstrates the lag of the user in terms of physical qualities.
In the correctional block of the program there are complexes of physical exercises aimed at the development of lagging physical qualities.
As part of the scientific work, a pedagogical experiment was conducted, which lasted one academic year on the basis of the Omsk state University of Railways with the participation of 48 young students of the main medical group. Students of the experimental group-EG (n=24) used the application program, and the control group-kg (n=24) - no.
Before the beginning and at the end of the experiment, the students of both groups were tested the level of theoretical knowledge on the topic of development and control of physical qualities. An anonymous survey was conducted among students of EG, aimed at determining the impact of the application program to increase interest in the process of physical education.
The results of the study and their discussion. After using the application program at the end of the experiment, the number of correct answers when checking knowledge on the topic of development and control of physical qualities significantly increased from 8±3 to 12±3 out of 15. There were no significant changes in the kg.
Conclusion. The results of processing the data of the EG questionnaire showed that 21 students out of 24 respondents associated an increase in interest in the process of developing physical qualities with the use of the program-application for mobile devices "testing of physical qualities of students".


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