Assessment of functional state of elite speed skaters at major competition stage

PhD, Associate Professor I.V. Martynenko
Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sports, Youth and Tourism (GCOLIFK), Moscow, Russia

Keywords: speed skating, competitive re-race, international starts, all-around.

Annotation. The purpose of the study is to study the functional state of speed skaters-all-around in preparation for international competitions at the stage of the main starts of the year macro-cycle.

Organization of the study. The study was attended by speed skaters-all-around for 20-24 years, which are part of the main structure of Russian national team for participation in international competitions among students, having sports titles of masters of sports and masters of sports of the international class. One of the main criteria for assessing readiness was the use of biochemical blood indicators at the competitive stage of a one-year macro-cycle.

Research results and discussion. At physical activity, sometimes even before it begins, the concentration of glucose in the blood increases, it is directly related to the increase in the rate of mobilization of liver glycogen. Hyperglycemia indicates an increase in blood glucose to 8-9 mmol/l, this can be observed at high intensity loads accompanied by significant emotional excitation [1]. The glucose content in the blood of the all-around at the competitive stage was 5.1 mmol/l ± 0.327. The results are within the limits of the norm (3.9-6.4 mmol/L).


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