Elite boxer’s competitive performance analysis

Elite boxer’s competitive performance analysis


R.V. Bestinov1
PhD, Associate Professor, Honored Boxing Trainer K.S. Kolodeznikov1
O.N. Dmitriev1
1M.K. Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University, Yakutsk

Presently the sport community gives a high priority to the post-training rehabilitation process design and management to secure high athletic performance; albeit many training systems are still dominated by the high-workload trainings at sacrifice of the rehabilitation elements. Objective of the study was to rate benefits of a new performance improvement rehabilitation model for boxing elite with the punching power and speed rating elements.
The first stage of the study was designed to analyze the relevant reference literature to select the most informative punching power and speed rating tests, followed by practical tests in the second stage of the study. Sampled for the model testing experiment were elite boxers grouped by age, gender and experience. Their technical and tactical mastery rates, anthropometric characteristics, competitive progress and success rates of every individual were obtained for a correlation analysis. The performance improvement rehabilitation model included traditional post-training natural rehabilitation elements, physiotherapy and low-intensity magnetic-laser radiation. The natural rehabilitation, physiotherapy and low-intensity magnetic-laser radiation tools were applied exclusively in the relevant groups, with the instrumental rehab sessions taking 8-10min depending on the application points. The study found the new performance improvement rehabilitation model being highly beneficial for the boxing elite.

Keywords: boxing, punching speed, punching power, fast rehabilitation.


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