Benefits of court control skills excelling training machine for badminton

Benefits of court control skills excelling training machine for badminton


Dr.Med. T.A. Shilko1
Postgraduate student Yatsun Zhang1
1National Research Tomsk State University, Tomsk

University student communities are ranked the world over among the most important and active social groups, with the academic education system playing one of the key roles in the national material and spiritual assets building systems. The study was designed to rate and analyze the physical health standards of the Chinese university population to update the relevant theoretical and practical physical education concepts. Sampled for the study in 2018 were 8,312 college students from 6 universities in Liaoning Province whose progress was tested by anthropometrics (body length and mass), vital capacity, Harvard step, standing long jump and arm strength tests. The tests rated poor the physical health standards of the sample that was interpreted as indicative of inefficiency of the 2007 National Students’ Health Standards Program that failed to improve the physical fitness and health standards of this age group for 12 years. One of the core reasons for the poor physical health standards, as we believe, is the low physical activity of the student population. The relevant questioning surveys found more than 50% of the student population supporting sports only in a passive manner, with only a minor percentage of the students going in for habitual sports and actively competing. The young people’s physical health standards were found further aggravated by the addictions to Internet, alcohol and tobacco associated with the sleeping and nutritional disorders. The health issues need to be addressed by changes to the valid academic education curricula, with a special priority to the students’ physical activation projects, healthy diets and daily regimens. The academic physical education curricula shall make a special emphasis on the physical conditioning and physical progress test components, with the physical health standards tested on a yearly basis.

Keywords: students, physical health, tests, China.


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