Hapsagay wrestling basics mastering model for physical progress in deaf wrestling sport

Hapsagay wrestling basics mastering model for physical progress in deaf wrestling sport


PhD, Associate Professor V.S. Golokova1
Postgraduate student A.A. Olenova1
N.D. Nikolaev1
1Institute of Physical Culture and Sport of North-Eastern Federal University named after M.K. Ammosov, Yakutsk

Freestyle wrestling is very popular among many nations of the world. It served as a powerful means of physical education and man's preparation for professional activity for all nations and at all times. Muscular feeling, speed-strength in the development of combat types have an exceptional place. There is a need to find effective ways, means, methods of development and improvement of muscular feeling in persons with disabilities.
Objective of the study was to increase the level of physical fitness of wrestlers with hearing impairment based on the use of hapsagay techniques in training sessions. The educational experiment was conducted on the basis of the republican special (correctional) general education boarding school of the first type of Yakutsk. The experiment involved 28 students aged 11-13 years, which were divided into experimental and reference groups. The experimental group was engaged in the section on free-style wrestling according to the same program as the reference group, but additionally, the hapsagay national wrestling techniques were included in the training process.

Keywords: freestyle wrestling, hearing loss, physical fitness, coordination abilities, hapsagay, training process.


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