Physical and mental comfort in primary schoolchildren’s swimming practices in small-size pool



PhD, Associate Professor T.I. Polunina1
Postgraduate student V.N. Sokolov1
PhD, Associate Professor A.Yu. Titlov1
1State University of Social Studies and Humanities, Kolomna, Moscow Region

The study analyzes benefits of the small-size swimming pools for the junior schoolchildren’s basic swimming practices. Swimming is ranked among the most popular mass sport disciplines, with the swimming skills considered critical for survival. There are also other important benefits of swimming practices for they are believed to facilitate harmonized development, contribute to the health improvement and body tempering initiatives; and prevent risks in contacts with water basins. The special attention to the swimming practices is due to the Russian health statistics that report, among other things, 90% of the lethal accidents on water involving the junior schoolchildren. This was one of the prime reasons for the authors to consider benefits of the small-size swimming pools for the age-specific swimming basics courses. The study data and analysis demonstrate that the small-size swimming pools are beneficial in many aspects when compared to the standard CYSS pools as they encourage the junior schoolchildren who would otherwise fear swimming in large pools. The small-size swimming pools were found to mitigate such fears and, hence, engage more children in swimming and, potentially, in the competitive swimming sport.

Keywords: small-size swimming pool, junior school age, swimming basics course, mental comfort, multisided personality development, physical safety, age-specific mental qualities.


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